St. Clair Township
Butler County, Ohio


Elected Officials


Township Trustees


Tom Barnes


(information to come)


Gary R. Couch


2115 Hamilton-Eaton Road, Hamilton, Ohio
Phone: 513-844-2400
Wife: Judy
Children: Brandi Rutherford (John) and Melissa
Grandsons: Jordan and Jaren

St. Clair Township Trustee
Ohio Township Association Member
Owner of Al Couch Farm Market for 30 Years


Judy Valerio


2520 Jackson Road, Hamilton, Ohio
Phone: 513-737-4228


Fiscal Officer:


Douglas Wheelright


Phone: 513-887-0205

Past Trustee for 8 years.
Owner operator of two businesses.
Member of the Butler County Township Association.
He and his wife, Ann, have been township residents for 40 years.


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