St. Clair Township
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To provide recycling service for those residents who wish to participate, the Trustees have arranged for a large drop box or repository for recyclable materials to be placed behind the Town Hall (the Old School House) on Jackson Road, in Overpeck. This large bin is located so residents may drive right up to it and deposit their recyclable materials. These materials are, newsprints and magazines, clear glass, aluminum and tin cans and recyclable plastics marked with a 1 or 2 on the bottom. It is open and available 24 hours a day.

However, residents can contract separately with Rumpke for curbside recycling pickup, if they so desire. Call Rumpke at 513-741-5273 or toll free at 800-582-3107 for more information.


Within the next 15 years sanitary landfill space, for household waste, will become very costly. Waste disposal fees will greatly increase.

What does this have to do with Recycling? Plenty! Considering that recyclable materials make up almost 30% of household waste. Items that can be removed from the waste stream and can be recycled are shown in the table below. Almost all the items in the "RECYCLE" column are found in every house.

If we all had the discipline to keep recyclables out of the waste stream, the volume going to landfills would be greatly reduced. Then, the now available landfill space would fill more slowly and disposal fees would not rise as rapidly.

St. Clair Township does provide recycle bins at the Township Administrative/Maintenance Building in Overpeck. These bins are well used by a number of Township residents. It is hoped that as the recycling habit grows, there can be an expansion in the placement of the recyclable material bins, said Township Fiscal Officer Rhonda Gentry.

"I urge every St. Clair Township residence to participate in the recycling program. It costs nothing. In fact, it can help lessen, or keep steady waste removal costs. This in turn can have a beneficial property tax benefit to the homeowner," commented Mrs. Gentry.

  Plastics #1 and #2 Only   Lids and Caps
  - Beverage & Water Bottles   Butter Tubs
  - Milk Jugs   Motor Oil
  - Soap Bottles   Plastic Bags
  - Shampoo   Styrofoam
  Newspapers   Candy Wrappers
  - Including Glossy Inserts   Wax Coated Plates
  - Magazines   Paper Cups
  - Phone Books & Books   Paper Towels, Napkins, & Kleenex
  Glass Jars   Lids and Caps
  Bottles (All Colors)   Tableware, Glassware, Ceramics
  Aluminum & Steel Cans   Window Glass & Broken Glass
      Aerosol Cans
      Aluminum Foil

We encourage everyone to remove all lids & caps. Lids & caps are not recyclable.

Rinse beverage containers before recycling to minimize the risk of insects.



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