St. Clair Township
Butler County, Ohio


Life Squad

2227 Hamilton-Eaton Road, Hamilton, Ohio 45011
Phone: 513-896-9058
Fax: 513-896-1295
  Relective Sign Program - Get yours!
The Life Squad association is selling reflective 911 signs for $20. The signs aid in locating a residence in the event of an emergency. Call 513-896-9059 or click here for your form to till out.

There have been some questions from some Township residents who have received a billing for use of the St. Clair Township-New Miami Life Squad. The way the programs works is, Township Residents, both in New Miami Village and the unincorporated area of the Township, who may have need for emergency ambulance service are not expected to directly pay for any life squad service, beyond what may be paid by the resident's health insurance carrier.

As an example, if the Life Squad service billing should total $460.00 and the resident's insurance, either Medicare, or other insurance cover only $335.00 of the total, the balance of $125.00 would be “written off”. In other words, for a township resident the balance will be disregarded with no further payment due. If you have any questions regarding billing, please contact our office at 513-887-0205.


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